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How To Find The Right Real Estate Agent For You

Lift off! The day has finally arrived when you’ve decided to 『get the agents in’. However, if you’ve spent countless hours planning your next move, let alone preparing your property to perfection, which particular agent will capture the full magic of your property and secure the pot of gold it is undoubtedly worth? Getting the…Read More→

14 tips to get the best out of a real estate industry event

Aside from EAC Insight 2017, there is an array of industry get-togethers that real estate agents will find themselves attending on a regular basis. Be it a franchise awards night, a function with media bodies like REB and Elite Agent, or other associated groups, unless you’re a 『seasoned event gun’ you may be able to…Read More→

How driverless cars will change your house, your street, your suburb and your life

When it comes to getting on the list of the most amazing inventions, driverless cars will quickly race to the top. Whether you are a driver or not, these vehicles are envisioned to radically impact the world in ways previously unheard of. But how, you say? After all, they’ll still clog the roads with traffic…Read More→

As a Real Estate Agent, How Would You Handle These Horror Stories?

In today’s volatile property sector everything is on the move; the real estate advice you provide today could prove risky tomorrow. Like all other professionals, you have a duty of care to clients who expect a reasonable degree of skill, competence and ability. Most often that is exactly what is delivered, however not everyone is…Read More→

Technology So Clever, It Can Detect Pregnant Teenagers or Homeowners Wanting To Sell

A Target store sent brochures for baby items to their customers, one of which arrived in the hands of a teenage girl. Affronted by the suggestion that his daughter was being 『encouraged’ to consider getting pregnant, an angry man went into a Target store outside of Minneapolis, demanding to talk to the manager: 「My daughter…Read More→

New Financial Year, New Government Obligations AND Bonuses

With every new financial year comes Government changes. Two of the changes to come with the new year, as of 1st July, relate to first home owners and practically every vendor: Firstly, in a push to assist first home buyers to get into the crazy market which is Sydney, the NSW State Government have announced that…Read More→

How to Make a Real Estate Agent Stand Out Online

Whether you work in a franchise model with true-and-tried marketing templates, or you’re an individual agent, you’ll know by now that virtually no-one will touch you prior to 『checking you out’ online. And online may also be expressed as two-line, as you present your business offering on your agency website and then again on social…Read More→

Coping With Stress in Real Estate.

How do you deal with stress in real estate? With substantial years as an agent and principal, and someone that has had to deal with many a pressure situation in the industry, Real Estate Coach on Demand, Lisa B, offers some advice: Stress is a REAL subject and a REAL problem. Why? I came across an article…Read More→

Stock and Business Agents Licensing Fees Increased

From 1 July 2017 most of the fees and charges for services that NSW Fair Trading provides, including those for licensing, have changed to reflect the rise in the Consumer Price Index (CPI). Where available a discount of 10% or $5 (whichever is greater) applies to the processing fee when you lodge your application online….Read More→

Does this FSBO (For Sale By Owner) short film seem familiar?

Ever found yourself shaking your head in disbelief at a prospective vendor, who decides to go it alone and sell privately? The reality is a good agent always makes their job look easy. In fact, some of you make it look so simple that every man and his apprentice think they can do the same…Read More→