Synergy Realtor provides an extraordinary level of expertise, care, and consideration to all of your real estate needs. Whether you are looking to buy, sell or lease real estate of any kind, our real estate professionals provide broad industry experience with local knowledge and personalized attention to your unique property requirements.

Our seniors who supervise and direct our team of professional real estate agents began their career as far as back as 1971.

We are the most comprehensive agency selling:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Developments
  • Businesses
  • Off the plan new units
  • Property Management

We can do it because:

  • We have 41 years of experience in sales
  • We are independent
  • We have representatives all over Sydney Metro and most areas of the state of New South Wales



We have representatives from Metropolitan areas, Central Coast to South Coast and the Blue Mountains. We have some free areas and would like to get more representatives on board.

We have unique operation and I attach the generic information for general knowledge of our operation. It will enable the reader to understand our operation and/or generate questions to be answered, but mostly the biggest question is!
Can you fit into our operation?

Every company operates a little different from one another, but at Synergy we operate very differently. Firstly we aim to highly reward the champions, not to pay wages for people to clock in and out. Secondly we give total freedom as to how our people will operate except in matters relating to the Act and the Regulations in which case we are very strict.



We are real estate agents and business brokers and hire people in two ways:

  1. By way of commission only, or
  2. By monthly remuneration

Summary of our commission only offering:

  • Our consultants employed under this program are authorized to work anywhere in Sydney, any hours and any days of their choice.
  • They are supplied with everything needed to perform as professional realtors immediately.
  • A senior person is allocated to everyone for support 24/7 and also a secretary from time to time when necessary.
  • They take home 80% of their net sale commission. All services, websites such as realestate.com.au , RP Data and other are supplied free.
  • With Synergy there is no set up fees or ongoing contribution as it is with companies offering similar programs.

Summary of our wage earners method:

  • This method only applies to full time employees.
  • We use the debit/credit system, which requires the salesperson to earn enough commission and cover the wages earned during the month with 50% of earned commission. Any amount above that is paid at the end of every month as bonus.
  • Any debit balance at the end of every month will be carried forward to the next month.
  • Our monthly remuneration varies from $4,000 to $12,000 per month based on the person’s performance during the preceding 6 months with us or evidenced in writing from the last employer’s records.
  • There is a limit of debit balance somewhere between 1 to 2 months. If the salesperson is in the red for an unreasonable period of time, will be retrenched.



  • For commission only people we encourage them to get involved in rentals as well. We have one person earning in excess of $3000 per month trailer commission from his rental portfolio only.
  • It is much easier to find a rental property listing, than a sale listing. It is simpler as you only need to obtain verbal authority and access to the property, then we facilitate www.realestate.com.au to advertise it, open for inspection and when we receive a qualified tenancy application email it to us and we do the rest.
  • With this program not only the salesperson makes commission but remains 50% owner of this valuable management, able to collect trailer commission every month and be able to sell it for at the current market. Presently rent roll is selling $4 per $ per annum. A property renting at $800 per week @6% commission is worth $9,984. Work 3 years gather 100 properties, sell them and buy a house. Do you know another job that can do that?
  • Although you will be under contract with Synergy Realtor you may occasionally and if appropriate promote and sell your listing(s) under the banner of Century 21 Synergy.
  • You may have exclusive rights to one or more postcodes by using our 1300 78 48 30number and have the calls diverted to your own telephone.
  • All agreements and arrangements are made in writing so that there is no misunderstanding or change of heart during the operation.
  • If you like to hear more or apply, you can be sure it will be in absolute confidence. Please send an email to admin@synergyrealtor.com.au and we will respond to all your questions, or call 1300 78 48 30 and one of our seniors will be on line for you.